Sponsorship Programs

Family Sponsorship

Canada passionately believes towards reunification of family members and there are sponsorship programs under which the sponsor who is a permanent resident or citizen can sponsor their immediate family members such as spouse, dependent child. Also, there are programs that enable a permanent resident or citizen of Canada to sponsor his or her Parents or grandparents.

There are also additional options to sponsor some relatives. Please note that different options have variety of eligibility criteria to be met for successfully being a sponsor or a principal applicant.

Parents Sponsorship

Canada is successfully running famous Parents and Grandparents program via which Canadian citizen or permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their parents or Grandparents to become permanent resident of Canada. Under this program, there is flexibility where the spouse of the principal sponsor can become co-sponsor so the required minimum income threshold can be met to become eligible as a sponsor. The principal applicants are currently chosen via lottery under this program.

Spousal Sponsorship

Canadian Citizens or permanent resident of Canada who are eligible sponsors can sponsor spouse, common law or conjugal partner and dependent children for permanent residence in Canada. There are some minimum eligible requirements that sponsor need to meet in addition to proving the genuineness of relationship. The sponsor needs to be of minimum 18 years of age and be legally married to successfully sponsor his or her spouse. If the couple is not legally married but are under common law, then they need to be in relationship for more than 12 months.